Everyone loves biking. Then you can think yourself how much fun Farshad Farivar had while riding bike on mountains. Farshad Farivar tells it is a new thing and from this adventure sport dirt-biking came to a whole new level. He said one can also see the nature of mountains as well as improve your driving skills. As these days everyone have their-own bikes and use it in daily work and to travel local. Therefore it can be a great time leaning for you. It is leaning with moving in flow of nature. He took this experience in Canadian hills. He came to know how to handle bike in certain daffy conditions.
As going through all over Canada Farshad tried many more sports too. He tried skiing, wind surfing, fishing, kayaks too.

As he told about his memories, he said he tried many sports but bike riding on mountains was best among them. He said he practiced skiing in Edmonton (a city of Canada). He said this city receives a heavy snowfall every year and in winters and therefore many visitors from all over the world come here to get lifetime remedies. He played with snow and tried other sports also like curling etc. He said Edmonton is also a great city to visit. While talking about other experiences he said he done wind surfing, kayaks and fishing.
Kayaks, is water motor sport and is in Olympic game list too therefore it is famous worldwide and in last Olympics a Canadian person won gold medal in kayaks. His name was Paul Bryant. He tried kayaks and had a great time learning this game. He had fun time fishing while learning kayaks. He told he made some friends there and all of them love fishing therefore they had a fishing session between find out skills for kayaks. He told us the benefits of hiking also. He said hiking is good for health as it reduces heart diseases; it removes scares of cancer and maintains your weight level too. Farshad is really a good person and he told us about where to stay and where to visit while touring Canada. He said Canada is a great country and every day a number of tourists come over here in vacations.